Friday, September 16, 2022

50 Weird-Fantasy Hex Landmarks

Roll (d50): 
  1. A settlement circled by gargantuan winged beasts.
  2. Monolithic columns surrounded by fog at the base.
  3. A 1000 ft diameter shaft of flame rising into the heavens from an enormous pit.
  4. Structures of constantly shifting colors.
  5. Dozens of perfectly preserved statues carved from a precious stone, depicting mythic beings.
  6. A ziggurat with holy people standing at the top.
  7. The bones on an enormous beast, 3d100+300 ft in length.
  8. Hundreds of ornate mausoleums of past rulers.
  9. A large well, overgrown with brush and filled with waste oils.
  10. A carved megalithic block with inscriptions of various laws throughout Aquilus.
  11. A settlement filled with houses made from tanned human skins.
  12. Several tunnels at the perimeter of a pit, they run deep into the earth. 
  13. Fields with corroded metal cylinders on the ground arranged in mathematical patterns.
  14. A settlement of houses built on the backs of large creatures. The town is nomadic.
  15. Dozens of pits. It is impossible to estimate how deep they are. 
  16. Dull-gray rocks with swirling patches of electricity surging through them.
  17. A military training base.
  18. The ruins of a recently burned settlement lying in ashes.
  19. A rotting aqua-duct defaced with holy symbols.
  20. A  lush area filled with savage plants and hidden predators.
  21. A canyon of breathtaking majesty.
  22. Plains of grass with dim dancing lights above.
  23. A settled marsh area with stilt houses.
  24. Amphitheater of statue shrines, dedicated to gods and heroes.
  25. A large grassy field where the grass is perfectly rigid. The grass acts as tiny daggers.
  26. A pond of acidic water. The reflections are not what they should be.
  27. Secluded homes, dense with an unseen population.
  28. A titanic living shadow.
  29. Geysers randomly erupt. They cause strange mutations to those caught in them.
  30. Mounds of revolting garbage and faeces.
  31. The remains of prison, with courthouses, execution facilities and holding cells.
  32. A submerged mystical fountain.
  33. Large, sensuous flowers of all hues grace a meadows. 
  34. The roots of a massive gargantuan dead tree.
  35. Several dozen poles mounted with signs, pointing towards various distant lands.
  36. Carved trio of protruding faces all looking and pointing the same direction.
  37. A small settlement which is a utopia. 
  38. A garden infested by deadly plague.
  39. Billions spheres of water like a sky ocean flying by and forming patterns.
  40. Cracks appear when walking on the ground, but disappear once people have passed.
  41. Town where buildings are created from monster bones, scales, and giant insect carapaces. 
  42. A glorious estate. Everything is strangely pristine. 
  43. Huge cavern system, which is a dead creature's digestive tract.
  44. A drifting garden of floating reflective liquid orbs in various sizes.
  45. A tower with a large network of tunnels created by the former residents.
  46. A tower with a beam of light shooting into the sky, visible both night and day.
  47. A huge necropolis with hundreds of tombs and headstones.
  48. An area filled with giant footprints, foul smelling contaminated water remains in each one.
  49. A pleasure palace. 
  50. The collapsed and eroded blocks of an ancient structure concealing the entrance to a vault.

Friday, August 26, 2022

20 Megastructures

Roll (d20):
  1. A labyrinth of mazes, reaching deep into the earth. It is said that if you can find your way to the centre, you can have any wish granted.
  2. A tower that stretches from the bottom of a very deep pit, all the way to the top of the sky. It is said that if you climb to the top, you will be able to see the future.
  3. A vast desert, stretching as far as the eye can see in all directions. In the centre is a small oasis, and it is said that if you drink from the fountain there, you will be able to see the past.
  4. A giant clock, perpetually resetting itself to zero. All who look upon it fall into a deep sleep, from which they never wake.
  5. An array of enormous mirrors, orbiting the sun, which reflect and magnify its light, making day and night unnaturally bright.
  6. A crystal palace, in the middle of a great desert. It is said that if one breaks even the smallest piece of the structure, the entire palace will shatter.
  7. A city, contained within a single, enormous glass bottle. The citizens are said to be under a powerful curse, dooming them to live out their lives inside.
  8. A staircase, leading up to the sun. Each step is made of a different kind of metal, and no two steps are the same size.
  9. A library that contains every book ever written. It's possible to get lost in here for years and never find the same book twice.
  10. A cathedral made entirely of glass. The stained glass windows show scenes from other worlds.
  11. A vast white city, so beautiful and perfect that it is said to be the work of angels. It has no doors or windows, and no one has ever found a way in.
  12. An island that is the home of a giant tree. The tree is so big that its roots form mountains, and its branches provide shelter for an entire city.
  13. A tree, as big as a mountain, with a trunk made of stone and leaves of metal. It is said to be the first tree, and the source of all metal in the world.
  14. A palace, made of a crystal so clear it is almost invisible, that contains the throne room of the queen of the fairies.
  15. A black pyramid, miles on a side, built on the edge of the world. It grows larger every day, threatening to consume the world.
  16. A thin metal rod, a million miles long, that stands upright. At the top is a small platform where a single person can stand.
  17. A transparent orb the size of a small planet. It is completely empty inside.
  18. A lattice of powerful magical crystals, embedded in the rocks of a mountain. The mountain is slowly growing as the crystals absorb magical energy from the surrounding area.
  19. A flat mirrored plain, a thousand miles across, and perfectly flat. Thought to be created by god, so they could see their reflection.
  20. A city build on the back of a giant turtle, that slowly swims through the planes, stopping at other cities to trade.

Art by Neil Blevins

Monday, August 15, 2022

Weird Ideas for Character Backgrounds II

See Part I here.

Roll (d30):

1. Plague Brother/Sister
Possessions: Contagion bombs, black clothing, rusty knife.
You have been infected with a deadly disease, and use their own contagion to spread death and destruction.

2. The Reclaimer
Possessions: Odd clothing, ancient artifacts, ruined technology.
You scour the ruins of the old world, looking for lost technology and artifacts. You are motivated by a desire to bring back the lost knowledge of the past and restore the world to its former glory. You are skilled in using ancient weapons and devices, and are often able to find ways to make them work again.

3. Siren of the Spacelanes
Possessions: Vacc suit, handheld transmitter.
Your voice has always been your greatest asset and you've used it to great effect, deceiving and manipulating your way through life. But now, in the cold vacuum of space, your voice is your only weapon. You lure spaceships to their doom with your beautiful singing, beckoning them to their doom.

4. The Psychonaut
Possessions: Psionic amplifier, astral projector.
You're a mind-walker, a traveler of the astral plane. You've seen things that would drive lesser beings mad, and learned secrets that would make the universe tremble. You're on a quest to discover the ultimate secret, the key to unlocking the mysteries of existence.

5. The Doppelganger
Possessions: None.
You were born with a twin, but they were stillborn. Or so you were told. But you've always had the sense that they're out there somewhere, watching you, waiting for their chance to take your place. Now you're on a quest to find them, and put an end to their usurpation.

6. The Accidental Necromancer
Possessions: a pendant that allows you to control the undead, a black cape.
You didn't mean to raise the dead, it just sort of...happened. Now you can't get rid of them and they're starting to get restless.

7. Ravenous Flesh-Eater
Possessions: tattered clothing, teeth sharpened to points.
You were once human, or perhaps some other intelligent race, but now you are little more than a walking stomach. Your insatiable hunger has driven you to consume not only regular food, but also the flesh of other creatures – living or dead.
Special: You can consume almost any kind of organic matter, including rotting flesh. You heal quickly, and gain strength from consuming flesh.

8. Amnesiac Warlock
Possessions: Black robes, a staff.
You woke up one day with no memories of who you are or where you came from. The only thing you know is that you have strange and powerful magical abilities.
Special: You can cast any spell, but you do not know the names or effects of the spells you cast.

9. Hungry Ghost
Possessions: White robes, a bowl.
You are the spirit of someone who died in a state of extreme hunger. Now you wander the world, searching for food. You can possess the bodies of others and use their bodies to satisfy your hunger, but the hunger is never truly sated.

9. The Tinkerer
Possessions: Tools, gadgets, a box of spare parts.
You're a born tinkerer, always taking things apart and putting them back together again. You're fascinated by the workings of machines and devices, and have a knack for making them work better. Now you've turned your attention to the machines of war, and you're determined to make them the most efficient killing machines possible.

10. The Skin-Stealer
Possessions: A sack of stolen skin, a knife.
You have a rather unusual hobby – collecting the skin of other creatures. You strip the skin from their bodies while they're still alive, and wear it as your own. You're fascinated by the feel of different textures and the way they change your appearance.
Special: You can wear the skin of any creature, and gain some of their physical characteristics.

11. The Witch of the Woods
Possessions: A staff, a cauldron, a black cat.
You're a reclusive witch, living in the forest away from the prying eyes of the outside world. You prefer the company of animals to people, and have a special affinity for cats. You use your magic to protect the forest and its inhabitants.

12. The Half-breed
Possessions: Tattered clothes, a knife.
You're the product of a union between two different races, and neither side accepts you. You've always felt like an outsider, and have had to fend for yourself. You're a survivor, and have learned to use your racial abilities to your advantage.

13. The Experiment
Possessions: Strange equipment, a labcoat.
You're not quite sure why you're here, or what they're doing to you. You only know that you're a test subject in some sort of experiment. You have strange abilities that you don't fully understand, and are being made to do things that you don't want to do.

21. The Demon of Gluttony
Possessions: A bottomless appetite, a body that is never satiated.
You are a demon, a creature of gluttony and excess. You live to consume, to devour. You are never satisfied, no matter how much you eat. Your appetite is insatiable, your hunger never-ending. You are a blight on the world, a cancer that must be destroyed.

22. The Child of the Void
Possessions: Nothing, because you have nothing.
You are a creature of the Void, a being of nothingness. You have no home, no family, no possessions. You are alone in the universe, and you always will be. You wander the spheres, searching for a place to belong, but you will never find one. You are condemned to a life of solitude, of isolation.

23. The Pariah
Possessions: The looks of disgust and pity, a life of solitude.
You are an outcast, a social pariah. You’ve been cast out of every community you’ve ever tried to join, and you’ve given up trying to find a place to belong. You’ve resigned yourself to a life of solitude, of isolation. But you can’t help but wonder, what did you do to deserve this?

24. The Scapegoat
Possessions: The weight of the world on your shoulders, a life of misery.
You are the one who takes the blame for everything. You are the one who is sacrificed for the greater good. You are the one who suffers so that others may not have to. You’ve always known your place in the world, and you’ve never questioned it. But you can’t help but wonder, is this really all there is?

25. The Heretic
Possessions: A life of hiding, a life of fear.
You’ve questioned the gods, and you’ve paid the price. You’ve been hunted by those who claim to be righteous, and you’ve been cast out by those who claim to be good. You’ve been branded a heretic, and you’ve learned to live in hiding. You’ve learned to live in fear. But you refuse to give up, and you refuse to give in.

26. The Apostate
Possessions: A life among the damned, a life of sin.
You have turned your back on the gods, and now you wander the planes as a damned soul. You have embraced sin, and you have reveled in it. You are a creature of vice and indulgence, and you will not be denied. You are among the damned, but you would not have it any other way.

27. The Prodigal
Possessions: A life of luxury, a life of ease.
You’ve been given everything, and you’ve squandered it all. You’ve lived a life of luxury and ease, and you’ve never had to want for anything. But it’s all been a facade, a carefully constructed illusion. The truth is, you’re a fraud, a charlatan. And one day, your lies will be exposed.

28. The Exile
Possessions: A life of wander, a life of hardship.
You’ve been cast out of your home, and now you wander the planes as an exile. You’ve known hardship and pain, but you’ve also known the joy of freedom. You are a wanderer, a nomad, a drifter. And you would not have it any other way.

29. The Nomad
Possessions: A life of wander, a life of curiosity.
You’ve never stayed in one place for long, and you’ve never been content to stay in one place for long. You’re a wanderer, a nomad, a drifter. You’re always moving, always searching for something new. You’re driven by a curiosity that can never be quelled. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

30. The Wanderer
Possessions: A life of wander, a life of loneliness.
You’ve always been a wanderer, and you’ve always been alone. You’ve never stayed in one place for long, and you’ve never been content to stay in one place for long. You’re always moving, always searching for something new. But you’ve never found what you’re looking for. And you’re not sure if you ever will.

Friday, August 5, 2022

60 Weird-Fantasy Landmarks

Roll (d60):

  1. A forgotten library, crammed to the ceiling with ancient tomes.
  2. A circular structure with a hole in the center, leading down into the darkness.
  3. A field of petrified trees, each one different in shape and size.
  4. A deep chasm with lava at the bottom, miles wide.
  5. A crevice that constantly emits a loud, otherworldly wailing.
  6. A brightly glowing orb, levitating in midair.
  7. A shimmering curtain that hangs in the air, obscuring anything behind it.
  8. A pedestal with a glowing crystal on top, emanating heat.
  9. A plant that appears to be made of metal, growing in a very unorthodox manner.
  10. A stone statue that moves and speaks, despite being clearly inanimate.
  11. A temple to an unknown deity.
  12. A marketplace where the vendors offer only services, not goods.
  13. A menagerie of exotic beasts, caged and on display.
  14. A building which is half submerged in a lake.
  15. A collection of ancient ruins, overgrown with vines and foliage.
  16. A deep chasm with a river of lava running through it.
  17. A forest of giant mushrooms, some taller than trees.
  18. A bubbling tar pit, filled with the remains of creatures.
  19. A mountaintop palace, surrounded by statues of angry gods.
  20. A vast field of tall grass, rustling in the wind.
  21. A grand palace with a few rooms still intact.
  22. An ever-shifting spiral staircase that leads to nowhere.
  23. A great tower with a balcony from which one can see the entire kingdom.
  24. A garden of exotic and deadly plants.
  25. A room with a great mechanical device at its center, slowly ticking.
  26. A column of light, said to be the entrance to the underworld.
  27. A strange machine that can teleport objects.
  28. A library of ancient tomes, some still unread.
  29. A pool of quicksilver that never ripples.
  30. An altar to a long forgotten god.
  31. A shrine to an unknown god, surrounded by peculiar symbols.
  32. A village of huts made entirely of bones.
  33. A gigantic sandstone sculpture of a mountain.
  34. A walled city with a huge arena in the center.
  35. A crystalline palace of an alien queen.
  36. The petrified form of a long-dead wizard.
  37. A crashed star-ship, its hull glowing with strange energies.
  38. The ruins of an ancient temple, dedicated to a dark god.
  39. A vast field of cairns, burial mounds of an ancient people.
  40. A step pyramid, with a particularly large top level.
  41. A courtyard of white marble, with a large fountain in the center.
  42. A cathedral made of a dark wood, with stained glass windows.
  43. A floating city, tethered to the ground by massive chains.
  44. A palace made of a bright white stone, with a large dome.
  45. A series of interconnected tunnels, said to be the home of a creature.
  46. A tree, with a house-sized hole in the middle, oozing a red liquid.
  47. A machine, larger than a city, slowly creating more machines.
  48. A city, eternally dark, with beings that do not need light to see.
  49. A Necropolis, with thousands of skeletons in broken armor.
  50. A group of vehicles, long ago crashed, with mummified remains inside.
  51. A floating palace, with a beautiful woman who always seems to be crying.
  52. A black fortress, made of a strange material, surrounded by a moat of acid.
  53. An arena, with rows upon rows of seats, and a huge arena in the middle.
  54. A library, with millions of books, and a being who is constantly reading.
  55. The statue of a forgotten god, long since crumbled.
  56. The ruins of an ancient city, now overgrown with jungle.
  57. The shrine of a long-dead cult, still guarded by automatons.
  58. The remains of a crashed alien spacecraft.
  59. A portal to another world, currently inactive.
  60. A huge unidentifiable machine, slowly rusting.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

12 Science-Fantasy Modes of Transport

Roll (d12):

1. Blue Devil 
Armaments: Four long-range cannons
Speed: 60 miles per hour
Notes: A fearsome war machine, this vehicle is a massive tank, larger than any other in existence. It is said that it was built in the fiery heart of a volcano, and that it is powered by the souls of the damned. It is almost impossible to destroy, and its long-range cannons can level entire cities.

2. Storm Ship
Armaments: None
Speed: Unknown
Notes: An enormous black ship, larger than any other known vessel, that appeared suddenly one day from the heart of a raging storm. It is said to be crewed by the undead, and it sails on the wind without sails or engine.

3. Flying Fortress
Armaments: Hundreds of guns and missiles
Speed: 100 miles per hour
Notes: A massive airship, larger than any other known vessel, that is said to be manned by an army of robots. It is said to be invincible, and it has never been defeated in battle. It is the ultimate weapon, and it is feared by all who know of its existence.

4. Void Skipper
Armaments: 4 front-facing laser turrets
Speed: Warp 10
Notes: A unique vessel, the Void Skipper is the only known ship able to navigate the strange and dangerous realm of the Void. It is crewed by a team of specialists, and is equipped with powerful defenses. The ship is believed to be of alien origin, and is immensely valuable.

5. The Worm
Armaments: 2 rear-facing plasma cannons
Speed: 60 mph
Notes: The Worm is a massive land vehicle, used by the nomadic tribes of the wastes. It is sluggish and heavily armored, but is nearly impossible to destroy. The Worm is powered by a wormhole drive, which allow it to travel great distances quickly.

6. Solar Skiff
Armaments: None.
Speed: up to 500 mph
Notes: A small, one-person vehicle powered by magic. It is incredibly fast, but completely unarmed and very fragile. They are used by the nobility and wealthy of Aquilus as a means of transportation.

7. Sand Fleet
Armaments: Varies, usually light.
Speed: Dependant on weather.
Notes: A number of large and colorful desert reptiles, domesticated and harnessed together to form a living caravan. These beasts are used by desert nomads to transport their belongings across the wastelands. 

8. Sandstorm Chariot
Armaments: Varies, usually light.
Speed: Dependant on weather.
Notes: A large, open-topped vehicle, usually pulled by a Sand Fleet. These chariots are used by desert nomads to transport goods and people across the wastelands. r.

9. Warp Ship
Type: Magical.
Armaments: Varies.
Speed: Instantaneous.
Notes: A ship that uses magic to travel between planes of existence. These ships are used by adventurers and explorers to reach distant lands. They are usually well-armed, as they often travel to dangerous places.

10. Crimson Caravan
Armaments: Varies.
Speed: Dependent on warpstone.
Notes: A strange and dangerous mode of transport, warpstone caravans are made up of massive creatures, mutated and grown by the wizards of the Crimson Order. They are used to transport the Order's precious warpstone shipments across the wastelands, and are guarded by the Order's fearsome warriors. The caravans are slow but very durable, and the creatures that make them up are often mutated to have a variety of strange and deadly abilities.

11. Magma Crawler
Armaments: Varies.
Speed: 15 mph.
Notes: A large and sluggish vehicle, used by the Dwarves to mine the lava fields of the wastes. The Magma Crawler is equipped with a variety of tools and weapons, used to tunnel through the rock and harvest the valuable minerals. The Crawler is slow and heavily armored, and can take a lot of punishment.

12. Sky Whale
Armaments: None.
Speed: variable.
Notes: The sky whales are massive creatures, said to be the size of mountains. They are gentle giants, and are often used by the nomadic tribes of the wastes as a means of transportation. They are very slow, but can travel for great distances without stopping. Sky whales are also a valuable source of food and materials, and are hunted by the largest and most powerful tribes.

Art by Moebius.

Friday, July 15, 2022

10 Magical Orbs (Part I)

Available in large cities from shops, bazaars, street vendors, and discreet traders.

Roll (d10):

  1. Sphere of Transcribed Recollection
    Can store user’s memories outside the body. Users can project fifteen minutes’ worth of mental images and words, which can be replayed by anyone activating it. Crafted in spring green crysalite.

  2. Sphere of Auditory Espionage
    When activated, user can pinpoint any point they can see up to 1000 ft away, and hear whatever could ordinarily be heard at the spot for 10 minutes. Crafted in indigo zarbrina.

  3. Sphere of Diagrammatic Emulation
    Throw this sphere into a modest dungeon where it sojourns for 1 hour. When it returns, the user can cast a holographic image on the ground, drawing an accurate map which has been traced. The map does not show living creatures, secret doors, traps, or items in rooms. Crafted in deep ultramarine garnet.

  4. Sphere of Cognitive Assimilation
    This device assimilates the knowledge of one creature and grants it to the user. The target must make a save vs spells. If failed, they lose 1d2 x 1000 XP which are added to the user's total. Each time the sphere is used, there is a 25% chance it fails, draining the user of 1d2 x 1000 XP. Crafted in tangerine orange agate.

  5. Sphere of  Upward Elevation
    This device counteracts gravity, permitting the user to rise up to 300 ft vertically into the air. Ascension can be at up to 30 ft per round. The user can also pull up to 150lb of weight behind them. Crafted in sky blue nephrite.

  6. Sphere of Vanishing Verity
    Activate this sphere, and all deceit and hate will fade. Only truth and love will remain. Very expensive. Crafted in rich, royal blue lapis lazuli.

  7. Sphere of Rudimentary Renewal
    If a creature has been lifeless for less than 24 hours, this reconstructs a rudimentary semblance of life by reactivating its nervous system. The creature does not knowledge its former self. It is a mindless shell, executing basic duties. Complies with verbal commands of the user. The creature works for one hour before fainting and swiftly decay- ing into a stench. Crated in blue tanzanite.

  8. Sphere of Replicated Terrain
    Throw this sphere above your head, it will blasts 1000 ft into the air and hovers for 1 minute. When it descends, it can cast a hologram on the ground, drawing a highly detailed topographical map of 50 miles in each direction. Map does not show living creatures. Crafted in extra-planar polished mercury.

  9. Sphere of Dissipated Warmth
    Hold this sphere close to your mind. For one hour, you will be permitted to observe objects and creatures based on the heat they emanate. This may allow the user to see otherwise invisible creatures, or even certain objects if their temperatures are largely different. Carved in lime green moldavite.

  10. Sphere of Instant Commuting
    User and all associates within a short range are immediately transported 1d10 + 10 minutes into the future. For them, no time elapses. For all others, it’s as if they ceased to exist during the intermediary period. Crafted in rare white obsidian.

Art by Richard Hescox

Saturday, July 9, 2022

10 Unique Artifacts (Part I)

Roll (d10):

1. The Blood-Soaked Crown of Aquilus
The Blood-soaked Crown of Aquilus is a circlet of crimson metal that slowly drips with fresh blood. It was used in the coronation of the last king of Aquilus. In his dying moments, the king placed the crown on his own head and bled out atop the altar. The crown has since been used to coronate each new ruler of circlet in a similar fashion.

2. Mask of the Laughing Man
The Mask of the Laughing Man was once worn by a court jester who was murdered by his employer. The mask has since been passed down to other jesters, who have all met the same fate. The mask is said to cause uncontrollable laughter in whoever dons it, eventually leading to madness and death.

3. The Butcher's Blade
The Butcher's Blade is a large, serrated knife that is said to be cursed. It is said that the blade hungers for flesh and will not be satisfied until it has tasted blood. The blade is said to be covered in a never-ending supply of blood, no matter how much is wiped away.

4. The Tongue of the Serpent
The Tongue of the Serpent is a forked tongue that is said to be able to detect lies. It is said that the tongue will wrap itself around the throat of a liar and strangle them. The tongue is also said to be able to charm anyone it speaks to, making them more susceptible to the lies it tells.

5. The Heart of the Dragon
The Heart of the Dragon is a large ruby that is said to be the heart of a dragon. It is said that the heart is still beating and that it gives off a faint, dragon-like roar when it is held close to the ear. It is also said that the heart is impervious to all damage and can only be destroyed by the touch of a dragon.

6. The Horn of the Moon
The Horn of the Moon is a large, spiraling horn that is said to be able to summon the moon. It is said that when the horn is blown, the moon will appear in the sky and will bathe the area in a soft, silvery light. The horn is also said to be able to calm beasts and make them docile.

7. The Stone of Tears
The Stone of Tears is a large, black stone that is said to be able to absorb the tears of those who weep into it. It is said that the stone holds the sorrow of the world and that it weeps for all the sorrow that has been inflicted upon it. The stone is also said to be able to grant wishes, but only to those who have shed tears into it.

8. The God-Mask of Xul'tec
The God-Mask of Xul'tec is a living mask that can be worn by a user to become a God. The mask is made from the stuff of stars, and leaves chaos and destruction in its wake.

9. The Celestial Navigation Globe
The celestial navigation globe is an enlightening tool used to study the planes of existence and the Great Beyond. It is said to be able to pinpoint the exact location of any creature or thing in the cosmos.

10. The Animus Bell
The Animus Bell is a tolling of an arcane machine that can reverse the effects of death. However, the price for such power is the user’s own soul, which is forfeit to the machine.

Art by Moebius.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

What Caused The Cataclysm?

What caused the cataclysm? (d30):

  1. A bright comet, long awaited by religious fanatics, appeared in the night sky.
  2. One of the three ancient sisters woke from her long sleep.
  3. An ancient tome, bound in human skin, was stolen from the cathedral.
  4. A reclusive wizard was seen carrying an unconscious woman through the forest.
  5. The heir to the throne was born with two heads.
  6. The local witch offered to show the townspeople “what true power looks like”.
  7. A series of natural disasters, unseasonable weather, and mass animal deaths occurred.
  8. One hundred years of peace came to an abrupt end when the neighboring kingdom invaded.
  9. The area around the ruins of the old temple began to glow with an eerie light.
  10. A previously unknown tribe of barbaric people emerged from the mountains.
  11. A dragon was spotted flying overhead.
  12. A group of adventurers returned from their quest with a magical artifact.
  13. The seal on the underworld was broken, unleashing hordes of demons.
  14. An earthquake destroyed a major city.
  15. A cauldron of witches stirred up a potion to cursed the land.
  16. A comet, previously thought to be a good omen, actually brought death and disease in its wake.
  17. A magical barrier, meant to keep out evil, was breached.
  18. A mutation, caused by exposure to toxic waste, began to spread like wildfire.
  19. A meteorite collided with the moon, causing devastating tidal waves.
  20. A magical weapon, meant to be the salvation of the world, was used for mass destruction.
  21. A religious sect, long thought to be harmless, began a mass suicide.
  22. One of the few remaining dragons in the world rampaged through the countryside.
  23. Dwarves began to congregate in the mountains, great rumbling noises emanating from their caverns.
  24. Stubbornly independent sentient plants, co-existing with humans for generations, began to rebel
  25. People started disappearing in the night, never to be seen again.
  26. Unusual things began happening to people’s shadows.
  27. The sun was suddenly blotted out by an immense, dark body.
  28. A single, massive tree appeared in the middle of the town square.
  29. A deep, low frequency humming noise was heard throughout the land.
  30. A pair of comets crossed the sky, one red and one blue.

What happened during the cataclysm? (d30):

  1. The molten core of the planet became exposed, leading to rapid cooled and the creation of a new crust.
  2. The atmosphere burst into flames, engulfing the planet in an all-consuming fire.
  3. The sun was extinguished, plunging the planet into an endless darkness.
  4. Supernovas went off simultaneously in every galaxy, causing an explosion of cosmic proportions.
  5. Every planet in the universe was torn apart, leaving only their cores behind.
  6. Every living creature was incinerated in the universal fire.
  7. The cosmos was reset, with new stars, galaxies, and planets being born.
  8. The original cataclysmic event happened again, but this time it was even more destructive.
  9. The cycle of destruction and rebirth continued infinitely, with each cycle becoming more and more violent.
  10. Beasts of all size and shapes began to rampage through the land.
  11. The oceans boiled away, leaving only steaming hot water behind.
  12. The sky rained down blood for days.
  13. The sun disappeared, and was replaced by an eerie green glow.
  14. The moons shattered, raining down pieces on the surface.
  15. A giant creature awoke from its slumber and began destroying everything in sight.
  16. A strange disease began infecting and killing people by the thousands.
  17. The sun disappeared, plunging the world into an everlasting night.
  18. Electricity crackled in the air, arcing off of everything it came into contact with.
  19. Massive sinkholes appeared, swallowing up anything that got too close.
  20. Volcanoes erupted all across the world, blanketing the planet in ash.
  21. Meteors fell from the sky, crashing into the surface and causing widespread devastation.
  22. The planet was bombarded with radiation from an unknown source.
  23. Structures made of stone and other non-metal materials were liquified.
  24. The very fabric of reality began to unravel, with entire creatures and landscapes appearing and disappearing at random.
  25. Time itself began to break down, with creatures and objects aging and de-aging erratically.
  26. The laws of physics were broken, resulting in creatures and objects defy gravity, being able to pass through solid matter, etc.
  27. Portals to other dimensions started appearing, often disgorging hostile creatures.
  28. Energy blasts began appearing out of nowhere, vaporizing anything they touches.
  29. Psychic storms ravaged the minds of all sentient creatures.
  30. The ground began to produce crystalline structures that shredded anything that touched them.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

20 Alien Godlings (Part II)

Click here for Part I

Roll (d20):

1. The Great Wurm
A colossal serpentine creature said to be so long that it encircles the entire world. It is said to be sleeping but some believe that it is merely feigning sleep and that it is in fact awake and aware.

2. Vriul-Zan
A fearsome creature composed of whirling energy and razor-sharp blades. It dwells in the heart of Aquilus's sun, and can only be invoked by using a very powerful magical ritual. Those who succeed in summoning it are either destroyed by its awesome power, or made into its servitors.

3. The World-Shaper
A creature of tremendous power said to be able to reshape the world to its whim. It is said to be locked in battle with the Primordial One at the heart of the world.

4. The Architects
A race of super-intelligent beings that shaped Aquilus to be the perfect world for intelligent life to flourish. They are said to dwell in a hidden city at the centre of the world.

5. Cthuga
A gigantic owlish creature that is said to suck the heat out of the sun, causing winter to come to Aquilus. Worshippers of Cthuga build great temples of ice, and spend their days in cold contemplation and study.

6. Jhul-Anatha
A gigantic anaconda-like creature said to be the offspring of Nyogtha and Shub-Niggurath. It dwells in the swamps of Aquilus, and its followers are said to have the power to transform themselves into serpents.

7. Ghor-Azag
A fearsome demon said to dwell in the heart of Aquilus. It is said to be made of living fire, and to feast on the souls of the damned. followers of Ghor-Azag are said to be able to control fire, and to be immune to its effects.

8. Jaraah
An entity composed of a cloud of nanites that can enter and take control of any machinery. It is worshiped by the Cult of the Machine as the bringer of progress and enlightenment.

9. K'lak
A fearsome reptilian deity that dwells in the lava flows beneath the surface of Aquilus. It is propitiated by sacrificing living creatures to it, which are then devoured by the lava.

10. The Qliphoth
A dark and malevolent force that infests the minds of those who stray too close to it. The Qliphoth is the personification of all that is evil and chaos in the universe.

11. The Ogdru Jahad
A race of ancient and powerful dragons that dwell in the depths of space. They are worshiped by a cult of fanatical humans who believe that they will one day rule the universe.

12. The Silicoids
A race of silicon-based lifeforms that dwell on the innermost planet of the solar system. They are worshiped by a cult of humans who believe that they will one day inherit the galaxy.

13. A'kin-Shum
A god of machines and industry. Its followers are mainly artisans, engineers and factory workers. It gives them the ability to see the blueprints of any machine they lay their hands on, allowing them to reverse-engineer and improve upon them.

14. Raam-Set
The god of thieves and assassins. It is said that if you make the proper sacrifices, Raam-Set will bless your blade so that it will never miss its mark. Its worshippers are a silent, efficient lot, and are greatly feared throughout the city-states of Aquilus.

15. Jalla-Kad'ar
The goddess of love and fertility. Her worship is widespread and her temples can be found in nearly every city. She is often portrayed as a beautiful woman surrounded by a dozen adoring lovers. Jalla-Kad'ar's blessing is said to bring happiness and good fortune in love.

16. K'oard-Hak
The god of war and destruction. His followers are a savage, warlike people who live in the wild places of Aquilus. They are known for their ferocity in battle and their utter lack of mercy.

17. Ul-Nal
The god of the underworld. His realm is a dark and terrible place where the dead are said to suffer unspeakable torments. Ul-Nal's worshippers are mainly necromancers and other practitioners of dark magic.

18. Xoth-Ungol
A gigantic spider-like creature that lurks in the dark places of the world, spinning its web of lies and deceit. Those who are ensnared by Xoth-Ungol's web will find their minds gradually corrupted by its poisonous venom.

19. G-Lorh
A giant intelligent space amoeba that feeds on the electromagnetic radiation emitted by stars. It is worshipped by a fanatical cult that sees it as the only way to cleanse the universe of the filth of intelligent life. They actively seek out stars to sacrifice to G-Lorh in the hope that it will devour them and thus cleanse the galaxy.

20. The Grurk
An enormous praying mantis-like creature that is the personification of death. It is said that when the Grurk devours a soul, that soul is extinguished from all existence. It is feared and worshipped in equal measure by the people of Aquilus.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

50 Planets & Astronomical Objects

Roll (d50):
  1. Star, our own sun, going supernova; 4 billion people evacuated to other solar systems.
  2. Terra, Earth-like planet inhabited by war-like humans with no technology beyond Bronze Age.
  3. Twilight, red dwarf star with a planet in a permanent eclipse; unique crystal life.
  4. Union, planet-sized space habitat with 1,000s of microclimates, cultures, & languages.
  5. Vacca, planet with 90% ocean coverage; home to giant space whales & other mysteries.
  6. Zero, nameless, dark world; all matter pulled into a single point in space-time.
  7. New Terra, birthplace of humanity, now a Marian world with several moons, including New Earth.
  8. Trappist-1, star with 7 Earth-like planets, 6 of which may support life; huge research focus.
  9. Vega, blue-white star, 2nd-brightest in night sky, with 50 billion planets in “Goldilocks” zones.
  10. The Watchers, advanced AI that observe and study all other civilizations in the galaxy.
  11. Zara Prime, jungle world inhabited by six-limbed felines on primitive level of technology.
  12. 4 Vesta, large asteroid, heavily mined for rare- earth metals by major corporations.
  13. Hebe, small, rocky world, heavily cratered, with a single research outpost.
  14. 8942 Edna, cold ice giant, home to a settlement of exiles and criminals.
  15. Charon, largest of Pluto’s moons, site of a shadowy industrial base with unknown purpose.
  16. Terra Alta, mountain-sized chunks of stone and metal orbiting a white dwarf sun.
  17. Terranova, post-terraformed world with superdiverse fauna and flora, but high volcanic activity.
  18. Tethys, giant ice asteroid with a single moon, mining colony for H2O and N2.
  19. Titania, settlers on largest of Uranus’s moons must deal with extreme cold and constant night.
  20. Uploaded, post-singularity world where everyone is a digital intelligence, inhabit virtual reality.
  21. 5H-1V4D.06, post-apocalyptic world where only the strong survive in a lawless land.
  22. Valdoran, first contact mission goes wrong when huge, carnivorous plants overwhelm ship.
  23. Tomoe, tiny water world; heated by volcanic vents, teams race to exploit it.
  24. 3X-T4ND.02, agrarian world with long winter nights & short summer days.
  25. Vanduul, home system of space pirates, 3 habitable worlds, raids common.
  26. Vega Prime, thought to be first extra-solar human colony, disappeared mysteriously.
  27. 12I-U2.01, planet with a night side & a day side, but they are slowly converging.
  28. Kula-gul, black market system, also known as the “wheel of fortune”.
  29. Illium, luxury resort world, base of operations for merc groups and corporations.
  30. Rannoch, Quarian homeworld, under siege by the Geth.
  31. 4T-3R0N.07, once-thriving mining colony now haunted by the ghosts of the dead.
  32. Thessia, ancient and beautiful home to many of the galaxy’s schools.
  33. Feros, human colony, abandoned by the Alliance, now overrun by feral geth.
  34. Vegas, populated by immortals who can reset their age, appearance, and memories at will.
  35. Xur, presence of this dark energy field kills all organic matter, but not machines.
  36. 9G-L0NG.15, abandoned research station orbiting a black hole; external time dilation.
  37. Starfish, mobile sun-sized organism consumes energy & resources of entire systems.
  38. Taiki, research station on edge of star with debilitating psychosis-inducing light.
  39. UK-L853.02, corporate state where work is product & vacation is slavery; the poor riot.
  40. Vafar, desert world whose sun is dying, making it a popular gladiatorial arena.
  41. Zuni, home to homicidal AI that wiped out its creators; might do same to others.
  42. 7O-GLE.03, tourist destination with recorded incidents of people going mad & disappearing.
  43. Omega-4, a.k.a. “The Great Trash Heap”, used by corporations to get rid of waste.
  44. Nirvana, rebel base world, heavily defended and well-hidden.
  45. Zhang Fei, Agricultural world, known for the best food in the galaxy.
  46. Babylon 5, Earth’s space station, site of major peace talks and the Babylon Project.
  47. The Island, a.k.a. “The Lost City”, a planet that was once home to a great civilization.
  48. Arvuna, desert world home to a sapient race of plant people.
  49. Mira, jungle world. Site of a secret government laboratory.
  50. New Earth, second human colony, thought to be lost but recently re-discovered.