Tuesday, January 3, 2023

20 NPCs for a Weird-Fantasy Setting

Roll (d20):
  1. A woman with long silver hair. She seems ageless, and has a face like a perfect mask. Wears a cloak of white feathers, and carries a scepter tipped with a great black pearl.
  2. A blind man, with a cane made of human bone. He has no eyes, only pits of darkness in his sockets. He is always surrounded by a cloud of flies.
  3. A small child, with matted hair and big eyes. Dressed in filthy rags, and always giggling. Seemingly immune to harm.
  4. A great hulking brute of a man, with arms the size of tree trunks. Dressed in a loincloth of animal hide, and tattooed from head to toe with arcane symbols.
  5. An elf with golden skin and silver eyes. They always seems to be surrounded by a shimmering aura. Wears diaphanous robes that float in the wind.
  6. A small blue-skinned man with a wide head and large eyes. Wears a crown of barbed wire.
  7. A beautiful woman with long white hair and perfect features. Her eyes are cold and dead, and her hands are blackened claws.
  8. A small, sickly-looking man, with a hunched back and a beard of tangled weeds. Carries a large book bound in human skin.
  9. A shimmering, inhuman creature, composed of swirling energy. It cannot be looked at directly, and leaves burning afterimages in the retina.
  10. A world-weary woman, with a sharp tongue and a ready knife. She has a kestrel perched on her shoulder, and wears a faded scarf over her hair.
  11. A grinning man, always cheerful, no matter the circumstance. He has a wild mane of orange hair, and is never seen without his jester's motley.
  12. A taciturn man, with a face like a slab of granite. He has a great axe strapped to his back, and a pet badger that follows him everywhere.
  13. A cheerful halfling, with a quick wit and an even quicker temper. He has a penchant for drink and gambling, and is never seen without his lucky hat.
  14. A sober dwarf, with a long beard and a serious expression. He is a master craftsman, and always has his hands full with some new project.
  15. Enormous, body like a bloated tick. Beady black eyes on a asymmetrical face. A mouth full of fangs, and tech grafted onto its arms.
  16. Blue-skinned, and strikingly beautiful. Wears billowing white robes, and has six delicate wings. A necklace of delicate silver vertebrae dangles from her long neck.
  17. A tiny figure, barely larger than a child. Dressed in a raggedy patchwork coat. Its eyes are large and black, and seem to stare into your soul.
  18. A creature made entirely of clockwork. Cogs and gears whir and click as it moves. It has no face, only a blank metal plate where a head should be.
  19. A walking, talking pile of garbage. Clothes made of rags and tatters, face hidden behind a mask of grime and grime. It smells like rotting flesh, and its eyes shimmer with a sickening green light.
  20. A being of pure energy. It crackles and pops, and its form is ever-changing. It speaks in a voice that echoes and reverberates, and its eyes are two blinding suns.

Art by Shusei Nagaoka

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  1. These are all quite good. Each clear, concise, and creative. There's some implied worldbuilding with a lot of them as well. The only comment I might have, and admittedly this would trade-off with the conciseness, is it might be good to have just a little bit more info on personality, need/want, or some other kind of adventure hook for each of these characters. That said, to just take one of these as-is and use them for whatever purpose would totally work as well.